WHYSA Boy's Travel Manager Page
WHYSA Boys Travel is part of CJSA
North Central Districts

West Hartford Boys Travel is part of CJSA - North Central District.

CJSA Central/North Central Competition Leauge:

West Hartford / CJSA Spring 2019 Calendar
Dec 3 - snow day
Dec 17 - snow day
Feb 10 - System available for entry of spring teams
Feb 28 - last day for returning referees to be recertified.
March 12 - in-house WH referee meeting: rec officials and new referees. gym 6:00-7:00 pm and class 7:00-8:00.
March 15 - Referee Entry Level class in WH at ECC
March 15 - Final day for team entries. All entry fees and fines due also.
March 20 - Referee Entry Level class in WH at ECC
March 20 - CJSA fee due to office for spring teams.
March 21 - Preview League schedules to all club contacts
Mar 23: FINAL League Schedules distributed to club contacts
April 3 - CJSA CT cup registration, early registration deadline. $75.00/team
April 6: Boy/Girls Travel scheduling meeting at ECC-Rm 110. Girls: 6-7pm and boys: 7-8pm
April 10-17: WH school spring recess
April 10 - LAST day to register for the CT cup. Includes late fees. $150.00/team
April 11: CJSA First weekend of play
April 12 - Easter Sunday
April 14 - CJSA CT roster frozen
April 15: Estimate date for field opening.
April 16 - CJSA CT cup draw
May 10: Mother's Day
May 23 - 25: Memorial Day weekend
May 26 & 28 (Tue/Thur): WH Girls Travel Tryouts. rain day TBA
May 27 & May 29 (Wed/Fri): WH Boys Travel Tryouts. rain day TBA
June 14: CJSA season ENDS
June 15: Final day to enter travel results.
June 16: last day of school
June 20 - CJSA Cup final
June 21: Father's Day

West Hartford / CJSA Fall 2019 Calendar
Aug 1, system available for entry of fall teams
Aug 19, the final day for team entry
Aug 20, All entry fees and fines due (clubs not submitting all payments may be removed from league schedules)
Aug 23 - (Fri night) Boys Travel coaches/managers meeting at ECC - RM. 22 - from 8-9:00 pm.
Aug 26 - fields open for practice.
Aug 28 - Recreational game schedules need to be turned in.
Aug 28 - the first day of school
Aug 26 - Travel league game schedule distributed (applies to classic only)
Aug 30 - last day to register for CT Cup at regular rate $75.00/team. @3pm (applies to classic only - this mean cup registration is NOW open)
Aug 31 to Sep 2nd: Labor day weekend
Sept 6 - deadline for CT Cup registration - $150.00/team. @3pm (applies to classic only)
Sept 7 - (Sat morning) Boys/Girls Travel league game scheduling meeting, B-Travel - 9:00-10:00 am and G-Travel - 10:00-11:00 am. Rm. 110
Sept 10 - Ct cup roster freeze @3pm. (applies to classic only)
Sept 12 - CT Cup draw (applies to classic only)
Sept 14 - 15: First weekend of play
Sept 30 - Rosh Hashanah
Oct 9 - Yom Kippur
Oct 12th - 14th: Columbus Day Weekend
Oct 31 - Halloween
Nov 2 - CT Cup Final (applies to classic only)
Nov 3 - Daylight Saving
Nov 5 - Election Day, no School
Nov 10 - league ends.
Nov 11 - Final day to enter the game result (applies to classic only)
June 11, 2020 - last day of school.

Boy Travel Goal Keeper training:
Days: TBA
Younger group:
Older group:
Coach: Christian Benjamin
email: christian@keeperstop.com

Report you league Scores

North Central homepage: http://nc.cjsalive.org
Report scores here (direct link): http://www.cjsareg.org/cncleague/
This is where all team need to report G-Travel league game.
League/scores entry - video how to: https://youtu.be/F2lChyBWmng
Updated directions:
  • Select 'Game Entry' in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • Click the arrow in the dropdown box next to 'Week Game Scheduled' to see the week's game matches and select your game
  • Select the date that the game was 'originally' targeted on league schedule (not necessarily the date it was actually played)
  • Click the arrow in the dropdown box next to 'Gender' to select boys or girls
  • Click 'Next Step'
  • Select the division from your schedule by clicking the dropdown box next to 'Division' - note- U9's are sorted to the bottom.
  • Click 'Next Step'
  • Click the arrow next to 'Game' to select the game for which you are entering the score
  • Enter the score for both teams
  • Enter your name in 'Submitted By'
  • Click the arrow next to 'Submitted By Club Name' to select your club

Note: Both teams are required to enter the game scores for each game.

All forfeits must be approved by your division coordinator. If a team forfeits, enter a 0 for that team's score and a '3' for the opposing team's score.

2019 Sprint Comp/travel league game schedule link: http://www.cjsa.org/about/central_north_central_schedules/

Travel Rank:

(1) Green
(2) Blue
(3) White
(4) Red
(5) Brown
(6) Yellow

Travel Game Duration: download here

Download Boys Travel scheduling spreadsheet: download here

Player's Pass:

  • All players are required to upload their headshot into Stack so their headshot prints on the player pass.
  • This applies to all coaches and team managers.
  • If a player headshot needs adjusting, use the free photo editor - https://pixlr.com/editor/
  • A headshot should be saved in JPG format then uploaded into Stacks - player's profile.
  • The parent that registered the player is the person to upload the player photo into Stacks.
  • Travel Registrar will email all managers this their team's player passes via email.
  • Player passes are now printed on regular paper.

Pixlr Editor - Free

  1. This site is free - go to: https://pixlr.com/editor/
  2. Open image from computer - open player picture.
  3. Use the crop tool to select the headshot only, hit enter
  4. File - save. if look good: ok.
  5. save on computer again - but use a different name.
  6. File/exit - don't save, done


  • Parents will be receiving an email from TUO to order their uniforms.
  • Please ask your parent to check their spam folder if they say they didn't get the email.
  • There is a deadline to turn in their uniform order. Please contact their coach/manager.
  • Any questions about the uniform, email TUO directly.
  • Any new player added at the last minute (beginning of the season) should reach out to the manager as their first resource. The team manager will need to contact the club's volunteer uniform person to see if any uniform is in stock. If not, then an order will need to be placed.
  • Lost, fill-in or new gear interest could be purchased at this link at anytime: https://teamsports.tuosystems.com/stores/whtravelboyssoccerstore
  • All jersey number are tracked. Please take the proper step to secure a correct jersey number.


  • Field coordinator works with coaches directly.
  • Coaches are responsible to inform their teams of their practice days, field and time.

How to request a field:

  • Every season all team managers/coaches will be emailed a game field template from the field coordinator.
  • It will be different every season. Friday night game will be available as an option too.
  • All email need to be sent to fields@wehasoccer.org

Need 5 things from manager/coaches only.

  1. team - ex: BU9A or BU17
  2. date
  3. time - use the game field template to be familiar with fields game slot times.
  4. field - refer to game field template.
  5. type of game - cup, league, friendly, practice, scrimmage

Friendly game request:

  • After everyone receives the season game field template from the field coordinator, the team manager can request a friendly game via email to the field coordinator. email to: fields@wehasoccer.org

Boys/Gils Travel scheduling meeting:

  • Each season, there will be a travel scheduling meeting. this is where you pick your field/time for your league games only.
  • Fall: Boy Travel teams go first. Followed by Girls Travel teams.
  • Spring: Girls Travel teams go first. Followed by Boys Travel teams.
  • Once all team manager has their game on the club's game spreadsheet, they all need to be email their spreadsheet to the field coordinator to confirm they match games; league & friendly games.

Practice/Game Cancelation:

  • The field coordinator will email all coaches/managers.
  • Please do not forward this email to the parents.
  • Coaches/manager are responsible to inform their team parents.

How to request a certified referee:

Team Connect:

  • Managers can input all home/away game in team connect so parents and players know their game schedule.
  • Team Connect has an app everyone can download and install on their smartphone.

Check for Referees- U9/10

Mario assigns with CSRP.
To look up your referee assignments follow 3 simple steps:
2. scroll to the bottom of the page and find #649 WHYSA.
3. your game should be listed here. The referees will be assigned here too.
If your game is not posted here by Thursday morning, please email Mario/Terry - ASAP

Connecticut Cup Tournament

Enter the Ct Cup:

CT cup game time:

  • Fall CT Cup game window - 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • Spring CT Cup game window - 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Cup game window falls in line with WH field game time slots.
  • 9v9: GU11 & U12 both fall and spring
  • 11v11: U13 - U15 in fall
  • 11v11: U13 - U19 in spring

How to request a field and referee for cup game:

  • Deadline to put in your request for your cup game field is the Monday the week of your cup game. Monday by 5:00 pm EST.
  • Once your home field request granted, forward that information to your referee assignor.
  • WH Referee assignor assigns two AR for your game. The CR request will be sent to District Referee Assignor by your WH Referee assignor. This deadline is also by Monday - same week of your cup game, by 6 pm.
  • The team gets to the semifinal. If a team gets to the semifinal, all three referees will be out of town referees.
  • All team managers are encouraged to confirm their cup referees assigned for their cup game

Check for Cup referees in CSRP:

  • Step 1: https://csrp.ctreferee.net/
  • Step 2: locate 101. CT Cup North Central (Walker)
  • Step 3: Locate your game assignment and you should see the CR that has been assigned to the game. If your team makes it to the semi-finals, all three officials will be seen here.
  • if you DO NOT see your game listed, please contact your referee assignor asap. This should be checked out the week of your cup game by Wednesday.

How to report the score:

  • The winner of the cup game is responsible to report the score of the game. The report needs to be completed the same day the game is played by 11:55 pm. If the winning team does NOT report the scores that day, they will lose the home field advantage next round.
  • Report score link: http://www.cjsareg.org/cjsacup/enterScores.asp