WHGSL Girls Travel Manger Page
WHGSL Girls Travel is part of CJSA
North Central Districts

West Hartford Girl Travel is part of CJSA - North Central District.

CJSA Central/North Central Competition Leauge:

CJSA Spring 2019 Calendar

March 1 - System available for entry of spring teams
March 17 - Final day for team entries. All entry fees and fines due also.
March 22: Travel, Schedules distributed to the club by travel supervisor.
March 27: Boy/Girls Travel scheduling meeting at ECC-Rm 24. Girls: 6-7pm and boys: 7-8pm
April 5 - CJSA cup registration, early registration deadline
April 8-12: WH school spring recess
April 5 - last day to register for CT cup. Include late fees.
April 12: First weekend of play
April 12 - CJSA cup registration, final registration deadline with the late fee included.
April 13: Estimate date for field opening.
April 17 - CJSA CT cup draw
April 19 - CJSA CT roster frozen
April 21 - Easter Sunday
May 12: Mother's Day
May 25 - 27: Memorial Day weekend
June 12: last day of school
June 16: Father's Day
June 16: League Ends.
June 17: Final day to enter travel results

Girls Travel Goal Keeper training:
Days: Wednesdays
Field: Wolcott Park
Younger group: 5:00 - 5:45pm
Older group: 5:45 - 6:30pm
Coach: Neil Droney
email: neil.droney@aic.edu

Report you league Scores

North Central homepage: http://nc.cjsalive.org
Report scores here (direct link): http://www.cjsareg.org/cncleague/
This is where all team need to report G-Travel league game.
League/scores entry - video how to: https://youtu.be/F2lChyBWmng
Updated directions:
  • Select 'Game Entry' in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • Click the arrow in the dropdown box next to 'Week Game Scheduled' to see the week's game matches and select your game
  • Select the date that the game was 'originally' targeted on league schedule (not necessarily the date it was actually played)
  • Click the arrow in the dropdown box next to 'Gender' to select boys or girls
  • Click 'Next Step'
  • Select the division from your schedule by clicking the dropdown box next to 'Division' - note- U9's are sorted to the bottom.
  • Click 'Next Step'
  • Click the arrow next to 'Game' to select the game for which you are entering the score
  • Enter the score for both teams
  • Enter your name in 'Submitted By'
  • Click the arrow next to 'Submitted By Club Name' to select your club

Note: Both teams are required to enter the game scores for each game.

All forfeits must be approved by your division coordinator. If a team forfeits, enter a 0 for that team's score and a '3' for the opposing team's score.

2019 Sprint Comp/travel league game schedule link: http://www.cjsa.org/about/central_north_central_schedules/

Travel Rank:

(1) Green
(2) Blue
(3) White
(4) Red
(5) Brown
(6) Yellow

Travel Game Duration: download here

Download G-Travel scheduling spreadsheet: download here

Player's Pass:

  • All players are required to upload their headshot into Stack so their headshot prints on the player pass.
  • This applies to all coaches and team managers.
  • If a player headshot needs adjusting, use the free photo editor - https://pixlr.com/editor/
  • A headshot should be saved in JPG format then uploaded into Stacks - player's profile.
  • The parent that registered the player is the person to upload the player photo into Stacks.
  • Travel Registrar will email all managers this their team's player pass via email.
  • Player passes are now printed on regular paper.

Pixlr Editor - Free

  1. This site is free - go to: https://pixlr.com/editor/
  2. Open image from computer - open player picture.
  3. Use the crop tool to select the headshot only, hit enter
  4. File - save. if look good: ok.
  5. save on computer again - but use a different name.
  6. File/exit - don't save, done


  • Parents will be receiving an email from TUO to order their uniforms.
  • Please ask your parent to check their spam folder if they say they didn't get the email.
  • There is a deadline to turn in their uniform order. Please contact their coach/manager.
  • Any questions about the uniform, email TUO directly.
  • If further help is needed, please contact the G-Travel supervisor: travel@whgsl.org


  • Field coordinator works with coaches directly.
  • Coaches are responsible to inform their teams of their practice days and time.

How to request a field:

  • Every season all team managers/coaches will be emailed a game field template from the field coordinator.
  • It will be different every season. Friday night game will be available as an option too.
  • All email need to be sent to: fields@whysa.org

Need 5 things from manager/coaches only.

  1. team - ex: GU11A or GU15
  2. date
  3. time - use the game field template to be familiar with fields game slot times.
  4. field - refer to game field template.
  5. type of game - cup, league, friendly, practice, scrimmage

Friendly game request:

  • After everyone receives the season game field template from the field coordinator, team manager can request a friendly game via email to the field coordinator. email to: fields@whysa.org

Boys/Gils Travel scheduling meeting:

  • Each season, there will be a travel scheduling meeting. this is where you pick your field/time for your league games only.
  • Fall: Boy Travel teams go first. Followed by Girls Travel teams.
  • Spring: Girls Travel teams go first. Followed by Boys Travel teams.
  • Once all team manager has their game on the club's game spreadsheet, they all need to be email their spreadsheet to the field coordinator to confirm they match games; league & friendly games.

Practice/Game Cancelation:

  • The field coordinator will email all coaches/managers.
  • Please do not forward this email to the parents.
  • Coaches/manager are responsible to inform their team parents.

How to request a certified referee:

  • Email you field request and once confirmed - done.
  • Coaches will receive an email for the referee coordinator of their referee crew assignment to their game.
  • Admin will enter the home game into Stack and game can be view inthe team's Team Connect site or App. This is how
  • referees are assigned in Stacks. Manager/coaches will not see this. That is the reason why coaches receive the email from the referee coordinator.

Team Connect:

  • Managers can input all away game in team connect so parents and players know their game schedule. The home game will be done by the administrator.
  • Team Connect has an app everyone can download and install on their smartphone.

Connecticut Cup Tournament

  • Rules/Ct Cup Policy: https://usys-assets.ae-admin.com/assets/969/15/CT%20CUP%20COMPETITIONS-4-16-18.pdf
  • Fall CT Cup game window - 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • Spring CT Cup game window - 10:00am to 5:00pm.
  • 9v9: GU11 & U12 both fall and spring
  • 11v11: U13 - U15 in fall
  • 11v11: U13 - U19 in spring
  • Register for CT Cup - refer to CJSA CT Cup Entry Form page for exact dates.
  • Cup info can be located on: cjsa.org
  • Early deadline date and Final deadline date will be posted on this page. Deadline time is always 3 pm.
  • Early registration is $75.00 and deadline registration is $150.00 per team.
  • All CR (center referee) for cup games are out town officials. AR will be in town referee except when
  • The team gets to the semifinal. If a team gets to the semifinal, all three referees will be out of town referees.
  • Deadline to put in your request for your cup game field and the referee is game the week of Monday @5pm.
  • All team manager are encouraged to confirm their cup referees assigned to their game
  • This is done - follow steps:
  • Step 1: https://csrp.ctreferee.net/
  • Step 2: locate 101. CT Cup North Central (Walker)
  • Step 3: Locate your game assignment. If your team makes it to the semi-finals, all three officials will be seen here.
  • The winner of the cup game is responsible to report the score of the game. The report needs to be done the same day the game is played by 11:55 pm. If the winning team does NOT report the scores that day, they will lose the home field advantage next round.
  • Report score link: http://www.cjsareg.org/cjsacup/enterScores.asp