WHYSA BOD and Officers

WHYSA BOD and officers

Board 0f Directors Officers Name WHYSA Email Address
1 WHYSA President Ed Perkins president@whysa.org
2 WHYSA Corporation Secretary Dean Cordiano secretary@whysa.org
4 WHYSA Executive Vice President Jennifer Trent vicepres2@whysa.org
5 WHYSA Webmaster Julie Sanderson webadmin@whysa.org
6 WHYSA Boys Travel Division Supervisor John Monnes travel1@whysa.org
7 WHYSA Training Div. Supervisor Echo Johnson training@whysa.org
8 WHYSA Mites Div. Supervisor Stephen Goldschmidt mites@whysa.org
9 WHYSA Juniors Division Supervisor TBA juniors@whysa.org
10 WHYSA Senior Division Supervisor TBA seniors@whysa.org
11 WHYSA Spring Pick-up Supervisor Matthew Bingham springpickup@whysa.org
12 WHYSA Director Of Coaching Terry Phllip DOC@whysa.org
13 WHYSA Equipment Supervisor Jeff Wittstein equipment@whysa.org
14 WHYSA Publicist TBA publicist@whysa.org
15 WHYSA Treasurer Ethan Goldman: treasurer@whysa.org
16 WHYSA Supervisor of Refereeing Mario Gilardini refsupervisor@whysa.org
17 WHYSA Club Emeritus Mario Gilardini emeritus1@whysa.org
Officers Name WHYSA Email Address
1 WHYSA Co-Ed Recreational Registrar WHYSA Registrar registrar@whysa.org
2 WHYSA Field Supervisor Ed Espinal fields@whysa.org
3 WHYSA Referee Assignor 1 Dean Cordiano referee2@whysa.org
4 WHYSA Referee Assignor 2 Mario Gilardini referee1@whysa.org
Other Name WHYSA Email Address
1 North Central District VP Tom Hayden districtvp@whysa.org
2 CJSA Representative Mario Gilardini cjsa1@whysa.org
3 CJSA Representative Ed Perkins cjsa2@whysa.org
4 NCD Registrar Travel Teams Mario Gilardini cjsa3@whysa.org