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WH In-House Referee Scheduling meeting
April 17, 2024
Elmwood Community Center
7-9pm – in Auditorium

Hello WH Referees,

The Spring referee scheduling meeting will be held at Elmwood community center on April 17th.  This is the meeting where all WH registered referees in our database pick the game they would like to officiate.   We have many games for everyone to pick from at different levels. 

WHYSA Spring Games
WHYSA Mites – games will be played at Kennedy Park.
WHYSA Juniors – game will be played at Glover Complex and Southwood Park.
WHYSA Seniors – games will be played at Eisenhower and Beachland.
Games posted here:

WHGSL Spring Games:
WHGSL Mites – games will be played at Kennedy Park.
WHGSL Juniors – game will be played at Glover Complex and Southwood Park.
WHGSL Seniors – games will be played at Glover Complex
Games posted here:

Field info:


[email protected]

Registration for WH Database

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

HOW To Register In Our WH Referee

Difference between USSF Certified Referee and NON Certified Referee

NON Certified Referee:

  • Minimum age of 13.
  • Knows and understand the rules of the game.
  • It helps if you had played or still playing the game.
  • Did not register at
  • Did not pay to take the Grassroots First-time Referee course.
  • Has not taken the grassroots referee online course or test.
  • more info, click here.

USSF Certified referee

  • Minimum age of 13.
  • Created an account and registered on to have access to referee courses.
  • Paid for the Grassroots First-time Referee course or Grassroots recertifying Referee course.
  • Taken the online Grassroots First-time Referee course.
  • Complete the field course after completing the Grassroots First-time Referee course.
  • Taken the online Grassroots recertifying Referee course.   This will need to be completed every year.
  • Taken the online test and pass it.
  • Anyone age 18 year older – completed the SafeSports course.  This will need to be completed every year once you turn 18 years old.
  • more info: click here.

Why register in our database:

  • We ask everyone to register early fall season.  Registration last for entire soccer season; fall and spring.   Registration is only required once.  Current registration: 2023-24 WH Referee.
  • Registering in our database – we will have your correct info to reach you. 
  • We ask all referees to register themselves, not parent if you are under 18.
  • Each referee will need to create their own account on our website so you can be in our database.  Select login at the top RT corner of the website.  
  • Do not use a school email address as your email.   School email don’t always work.
  • When the fields get closed due to bad weather or a certain field is closed for any reason, an email blast from our club will save you a trip to the field.
  • If a referee gets hurt or has a conflict at the last minute, reach out to our referee assignor and let them know.  They will do their best to reach out to the pool of referees to find a replacement for your game assignment.
  • Since we have in-house training for new referee and NON certified referee, we ask people to register in our database as a USSF certified referee or NON USSF referee prior to our meeting so your name is on our hard copy list when you attend the meeting.   We ask that you register to only one program, NOT both

Thank you.

WH Referee Assignor
[email protected]


Welcome to the West Hartford Officials page. There are plenty of referee opportunities for both certified and non-certified referees. Please visit our WH referee tabs to find out further information.


The new IFAB Laws with Videos: Instituted Fall 2020

Laws of the Game 2019/20: IFAB Manual

Connecticut Junior Soccer and the Connecticut State Referee Program in partnership are implementing the policies below that will take precedence over all other policies or procedures for all sanctioned US Youth Soccer matches in the State of CT. Unless “Note”d, these policies may not be modified at the field. If it is not specifically mentioned below, the standard Laws of the Game (LOTG) and Rules of Competition shall apply.

  1. In lieu of a local policy establishing a field configuration with spectators and players, teams will be required to be across the field from each other, diagonally behind the position of the assistant referees. Parents / spectators for each team will be to their own teams right hand side on the other half of the field (same touchline). The bench area where the players and coaches are sitting is required to be five yards off the side of the field to protect the assistant referee.… Note: Clubs may have guidelines based on their facility setups that make more sense, i.e. Stadium environments, or facilities with multiple fields running parallel to each other. The referee shall follow local club protocols when made available to them.
  2. Referees will no longer handle player passes, or conduct a player check-in. Each Head Coach will submit a team roster containing the player name, US Soccer Pass ID, and player uniform number to the center referee prior to the game. The referee shall not collect, receive, or keep player passes or paper copies containing pictures of the players and/or PII/PHI information. Head coaches will have player passes available at every match in the event that a player eligibility question is raised. Coaches may validate those player passes among themselves if needed. Coaches will verify verbally to the referee that players on their team are properly equipped.
  3. Any questions related to player eligibility or player pass evaluation is the responsibility of the head coaches. The referee shall notify the SYRA ([email protected]) via email of any disagreements or problems at the field concerning player eligibility.
  4. Referees will no longer keep player passes for ejected players or coaches. (Handled in Procedure #9)
  5. There will no longer be a pre-game coin toss or conference among player captains and the referee crew. The home team will pick the half of the field to defend, the visiting team will kick off. In matches that require or mandate a winner, standard protocols will be followed according to the LOTG and the Rules of Competition.
  6. Referees are not required to wear a mask. They must wear one when coming to and leaving the field area.
  7. Referees are not mandated to use an electronic whistle.
  8. Referees are not required or allowed to administer spectator adherence to social distancing guidelines. Spectators are required to social distance, and wear a mask when attending Youth Soccer Matches.
  9. Individuals in the technical area (player substitutes, coaches, administrators) must wear a mask at all times. Substitutes checking into the match shall report to the mid-field line ready to play (without a mask).
  10. Referees shall report RED cards electronically though Central Assign ( ). The referee shall send an email to the SYRA ([email protected]) for all RED cards issued. The email should contain a picture of the two rosters submitted from the head coaches, and the player or coach clearly identified on the roster that received the RED card. The Referee shall not keep any player passes or pictures of player passes for any reason.
  11. Instances of spitting on the field are punishable by YELLOW card on first offense, and then RED card for second offense.
  12. For league matches, clubs may assume that their opponents have met appropriate Return to Play guidelines. For friendly matches, clubs can validate that their opponents have met the Return to Play guidelines by contacting their District Vice-Presidents.
  13. Referees are mandated to notify the SYRA ([email protected] ) should they become ill, or feel ill after officiating, or receive a positive diagnosis of COVID-19.
  14. All questions related to game day procedures for Youth Competitions shall be forwarded to the SYRA at [email protected] .

Questions you may have:
What is considered to be a valid roster? The referee should accept any roster format that is submitted by the Head Coach. Several formats across the State are available, any one of them is valid, depending on registration systems, and other elements. There are no identifying marks required to be on the roster to make it valid.

Can the roster be modified? Yes, the coach may add players to the roster by hand writing them onto the roster. No problem.
What if the coach does not have a roster available? Ask the coach to provide a hand written list of players and uniform numbers. If the coach refuses, allow the game to be played and report the incident to the SYRA at [email protected] .
What should I do if a spectator is not wearing a mask?The referee should concentrate on what is happening on the field. Clubs are required to provide a COVID director, field marshall, or other representative to handle spectator compliance with return to play protocols. If the referee feels that his or her own safety is at risk, treat this in the same way you would any other spectator based mis-conduct. Notify the head coach of the home team, if the spectator refuses, stop the game, and leave the facilty. Once you are in a safe place, notify the SYRA at [email protected] of the incident.

New Referee Grades:
On July 1, 2019 the US Soccer Referee Program changed the classification system that is currently used to identify referee grades, referee names, and certification/re-certification requirements. Referee grade numbers 1 through 9 are now obsolete. Referee grades 7 & 8 are renamed "Grassroot Referees".  Referee grades 5 & 6 are renamed "Regional Referees". The minimum age is 13 at registration for the grassroots training. There are no fitness or assessment requirements for Grassroot Referees.



The New Football Law Changes For The 2019/20 Season!! Going Through The Law

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