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WHYSA BOD and Officers

WHYSA BOD and officers

Board 0f Directors Officers    NameWHYSA Email Addressphone number
1WHYSA PresidentEd Perkins[email protected]
2WHYSA Corporation SecretaryDean Cordiano[email protected]
4WHYSA Executive Vice PresidentJohn Monnes [email protected]
5WHYSA WebmasterJulie Sanderson[email protected]
6WHYSA Boys Travel SupervisorTerry Phillip[email protected]
7WHYSA Training SupervisorEcho Johnson[email protected]
8WHYSA Mites SupervisorShawn Mecchi[email protected]
9WHYSA Juniors SupervisorBrian Pelletier[email protected]
10WHYSA Senior  SupervisorNick Balistierri[email protected]
11WHYSA Spring Pick-up Supervisor [email protected]
12WHYSA Director Of CoachingTerry Phillip[email protected]
13WHYSA Equipment SupervisorJeff Wittstein[email protected]860 214-6987
15WHYSA TreasurerEthan Goldman:[email protected]
16WHYSA Supervisor of RefereeingMario Gilardini[email protected]860 561-0885
17WHYSA Club EmeritusMario Gilardini[email protected]860 561-0885
OfficersNameWHYSA Email Address
1WHYSA Co-Ed Recreational Registrar Registrar[email protected]
2WHYSA Field SupervisorField Coordinator[email protected]
3WHYSA Referee Assignor 1Dean Cordiano[email protected]
4WHYSA Referee Assignor 2Mario Gilardini[email protected]860 561-0885
OtherNameWHYSA Email Address
1North Central District VPBob Goldman[email protected]
2CJSA RepresentativeMario Gilardini 860 561-0885
3CJSA RepresentativeEd Perkins 860 883-9798
4NCD Registrar Travel TeamsMario Gilardini 860 561-0885


Ed Perkins [email protected]

WHYSA President

Dean Cordiano [email protected]
WHYSA Corporation Secretary

John Monnes [email protected]
WHYSA Vice President

WHYSA Vice President

Terry Phillip (Boys)  [email protected]
Travel Supervisor

WHYSA Boys Travel Division Supervisor

Stacy Schleif [email protected]
WHYSA Juniors Div. Supervisor

WHYSA Junior Supervisor

Stephen Goldschmidt [email protected]
WHYSA Mites Supervisor

WHYSA Mites Supervisor

Echo Johnson [email protected]
WHYSA Training Div. Supervisor

Terry Phllip [email protected]
WHYSA Director Of Coaching

WHYSA Publicist

Ethan Goldman: [email protected]
WHYSA Treasurer

WHYSA Treasurer for WHYSA Co-ed Recreational Players

Mario Gilardini [email protected]
WHYSA Supervisor of Referee

Jeff Wittstein [email protected]
WHYSA Equipment Supervisor

WHYSA Club Registrar [email protected]

WHYSA Co-Ed Recreational Registrar

Ed Espinal [email protected]
WHYSA Field Supervisor

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