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WHYSA Junior Division

Junior Division

WHYSA Junior Division for boys and girls, ages 10 & 11 (by December 31st).

If interested in becoming a volunteer coach, please contact:  [email protected]


The philosophy of the Junior Division is that players develop an understanding of the rules of Soccer, basic terminology, basic skills, and positional play. The concept of team play must be emphasized, and within that concept the maintaining of position is important. Players should be introduced to different field positions during game situations at this level. The player who roams all over the field dominating the ball and play is a disruption to the learning process of the other players and is to be discouraged from doing so.

Junior Division, with assigned teams and league play, is offered only in the Fall ONLY. Games are 9 v 9 with off sides and penalty kicks. The Junior Division is made up of children ages 10 and 11 by December 31st. In developing rosters each Fall, the League attempts to disperse the players equitably among the teams in an attempt to maintain competitive parity within the League.

The League has a rule that each player must play two uninterrupted periods in each game and since we have no formal mechanism for monitoring playing time, coaches are on their honor to comply with this rule. High volume coaching from the sidelines during the game is discouraged for two reasons: first, it encourages parents to do the same thing and second, it puts additional pressure on the young players and detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

Fall Season

Team Size
Team size averages 13-14 players per team. There are usually 10- 14 teams depending on number of registered players.

The Game
Junior Division plays 9 v 9 on half sized fields. Each quarter is 15 minutes.

Time Commitment
There generally are 2 practices per week for 1-1.5 hours. There are one or two games per weekend. Junior Division Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays at Sedgwick Middle School.

The Fall Season
The soccer season is 8-9 weeks long.

Practices usually begin during the last week of August and the Championship game is in the first week of November.

Equipment Needed
Size 4 soccer ball, shin guards, cleats, water bottle

Spring Season

The Spring season for the Junior and Senior Division is set-up as a "pick-up league." There are many other sports competing for time during the spring, so there is not a formal league set-up with teams and practices. Games will be on Friday evenings. All registered players may either show up or not, depending upon their schedule. The coordinator and volunteer coaches will then split up the available players into even teams (the number of teams/games will be determined by the number of players in attendance), conduct a short warm-up and proceed to play a four quarter game with breaks between quarters.

Team Size
Team size will be 7-9 per team for juniors and 10-12 per team for seniors.

The Game
Junior Division plays on half sized fields. Senior Division plays on full sized fields. Each quarter is approximately 15 minutes.

Time Commitment
There is no set time commitment. The league registration fee is a reduced one, allowing for players to miss weeks if they have conflicts.

The Spring Season
The soccer season is 5-6 weeks long.

Equipment Needed
Shin guards, cleats, water bottle. Soccer balls, practice jerseys and other equipment will be provided.

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