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Abuse Prevention: Safe Sport

West Hartford Soccer upholds the highest standards for participant safety by ensuring all adults engaged in West Hartford Youth Soccer's registered and affiliated programs comply with the most rigorous standards for background checks and abuse training.

We do this not just because it's the law, but because it's the right thing to do. Abuse prevention is now an integral part of our roles as youth soccer administrators, coaches, referees, volunteers and parents.

We understand these new requirements will necessitate additional steps for all involved, but our kids are worth the effort. Abuse in youth sports is more prevalent than most of us think - and it can happen in any town. We all need to "go the extra mile" to ensure our kids can enjoy the game in a healthy and non-threatening environment.

Therefore, every adult who may have the opportunity to have direct and monitored access to children must complete:

  • A comprehensive background check and screening process; and
  • A certified abuse prevention training course and an annual refresher course.

WeHa Soccer SafeSport requirement

  • Every adult (over the age of 18 years old) involved with West Hartford Youth Soccer or West Hartford Girls Soccer League (WHYSA & WHGSL) in any capacity, is required to complete SafeSport. This is an online mini-course for all Coaches, assistant coaches, team manager, adult referees, club players and club Board of Directors.
  • For NEW certifications the course includes three 30 min topics / video training. Sexual Misconduct AwarenessMandatory Reporting & Emotional & Physical Misconduct.  For returning coaches you need to take a 30 minute refresher course..
  • SafeSports certification requirement is being done - across the board with all levels of soccer.  And it will soon be required for all youth sports.  EVERYONE is required to have this certification.  This includes teachers or HS coaches etc.  There are no exception.
  • IMPORTANT: In order for the process to be successful, legal name and email address must match on both ends.   Meaning: SafeSport email address and legal name must match the email address and legal name you use in our website (Blue Sombrero).  Ex: Frank and Franklin, different in both websites will not transfer successfully.  if you legal name is Franklin, then use Franklin on both sides.
To Begin:
1.  Log into your account.
2.  On the left side of the page, select Volunteer.
     check off SafeSport and then click on the Renew & Update button on the bottom RT side.
3.  New window pops up.   Click on the link to get to the SafeSports website.
4.  If you have an SafeSports account, log into the site - top RT corner Login button. 
    To create a new account, fill out the boxes with your info.   Toward the bottom:
    Organization: N/A
    Date of Birth: 
    Role: Athlete
    Name of Sport or Community Organization: Connecticut Junior Soccer Association
5.  Best practice is to use the same personal email address for both account and SafeSports account.   Same with             your account names - use your driver license name, no nick names or middle name should ever be used.   Both sides need to                 match. 

Quick Guide: How to complete a SafeSport certification

All West Hartford recreation league coaches (per WH Leisure Services and the WHASC) are also required to take and submit a completed

Club registrars:
WHYSA Boys / Co-ed RECREATIONAL registrar: [email protected]
WHYSA Boys Travel Registrar: [email protected]

WHGSL Girls RECREATIONAL registrar: [email protected]
WHGSL Girls travel registrar: [email protected]

The Safe Sport Act

On February 14th, 2018, the President signed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act which is aimed at protecting amateur athletes (any child or minor under the age of 18) from sexual abuse.

The Law has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Any adult interacting with amateur athletes in the program has a duty to report abuse and or suspected abuse within a 24 hour period. EVERY adult is a mandatory reporter.
  2. The statute of limitations is extended for up to 10 years after a victim realizes he or she was abused.
  3. Limits an athlete under the age of 18 from being alone with an adult who is not their parent.
Legislation is available for download by clicking the link below:

Expanded Background Checks

Consistent with new laws and our renewed focus on fighting child abuse, West Hartford Soccer is committed to an expanded background check and screening process. Our new policy requires every adult associated with all organizations who may have the opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to children to have background screening.

West Harford Youth Soccer will also screen against all necessary external databases, disqualification lists and disciplinary records.

The following individuals are required to register:

  • Coaches (all types)
  • Team Managers, including designated team parents assigned team management responsibilities
  • Board members (Officers, Directors, Administrators, Committee Chairs, Appointees, etc.)
  • Adult Referees
  • Trainers (Permanent or Temporary)
  • Volunteers
  • Organization Employees
  • Concession Workers
  • Tournament Organizers, Employees, Volunteers
  • Any other person age 18 or older who may have the opportunity to have direct and unmonitored access to children.
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