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WHGSL BOD and Officers

Board 0f Directors OfficersNameWHGSL Email Address
1WHGSL PresidentEd Espinal[email protected]
2WHGSL SecretaryJillian Lohneiss[email protected]
3WHGSL Risk ManagementDennis Durao[email protected]
4WHGSL TreasurerChad Licht[email protected]
5WHGSL Equipment ManagerRick Araya[email protected]
6WHGSL Girls Travel SupervisorRich Michaud[email protected]
7WHGSL Senior Division SupervisorPatty Donoghue
[email protected]
8WHGSL Juniors Division SupervisorAndrew Feldman
[email protected]
9WHGSL Mites Division SupervisorDeb Tofil[email protected]
10WHGSL Training Division SupervisorStacy Schleif[email protected]
11WHGSL Recreational Referee CoordinatorTBA[email protected]
12WHGSL CJSA LiaisonTBA[email protected]
13WHGSL PublicistOPEN[email protected]
14WHGSL At LargeEmma Cordiano[email protected]
15WHGSL WebmasterJulie Sanderson[email protected]
OfficersNameWHGSL Email Address
1WHGSL Girls Recreational RegistrarMichael Flaherty[email protected]
2WHGSL Girls Travel RegistrarRich
3TOPS SoccerTBA[email protected]
4WHGSL Referee Assignor 1TBA[email protected]
5WHGSL Referee Assignor 3Ed Espinal[email protected]
6WHYSA Field SupervisorEd Espinal[email protected]
OtherNameWHGSL Email Address
1North Central District VPBob Goldman[email protected]
2North Central District Travel RegistrarTBA[email protected]

Eduardo Espinal [email protected]

[email protected]

Jillian Lohneiss [email protected]
WHGSL Club Secretary

Dennis Durao [email protected]
WHGSL Risk Management

Chad Licht [email protected]

WHGSL Club Treasurer

Rick Araya [email protected]
WHGSL Equipment Manager

Rich Michaud [email protected]
WHGSL Girls Travel Supervisor

Jeff Wittstein [email protected]
WHGSL Senior Division Supervisor

Eric Brown [email protected]
WHGSL Junior Division Supervisor

Deb Tofil [email protected]
WHGSL Mites Division Supervisor
Stacy Schleif [email protected]
WHGSL Training Division Supervisor

TBA [email protected]
WHGSL Referee Supervisor

TBA   [email protected]

Patrick Sullivan [email protected]
WHGSL Publicist

Emma Cordiano [email protected]
WHGSL At Large

Michael Flaherty [email protected]
WHGSL Girls Recreational Registrar

Rich Michaud [email protected]
WHGSL Girls Travel Registrar

WeHa Soccer Webmaster [email protected]

Ed Espinal [email protected]
WHYSA Field Supervisor

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