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WH Referee meeting Attendance, Sept 1 2021

Thank you all for attending last night meeting.   We hope you found it informative.  

Attendance list is below.  Those listed at the very bottom have not registered yet.  please do so soon so you can be assigned games.  

Sign In # Last Name First Name
501 Adetola Emmanuel
X 502 Auciello James
503 Bhatti Omar
504 Brown Jayson
505 Brown Tessa
506 Carbone Jackson
507 Carbone Joseph
508 Cardenas Mariana
509 Clymer Elijah
X 510 Comiso Tai
X 511 Geary Daniel
X 512 Golder Pauline
X 513 Herbener Adelaide
X 514 Ivens Rowan
X 515 Kallor Noah
516 Lattanzi Luca Sebastian
X 517 Leshem Talia
X 518 Lopes Paige
X 519 McKain Abbie
520 McKain Abigail
521 Miller Simon
522 Ortiz Antonio
523 Ortiz Michael
524 Parker Nathan
525 Patel Krish
X 526 Patt Alexander
X 527 Reynolds Burke
528 Reynolds Mollie
X 529 Rogers Madelyn
530 Rose Charles
531 Rose Charles
532 Rose Margaret
X 533 Santangelo Madeline
X 534 Schleif Aliza
X 535 Schulman Jonah
X 536 Sortman Gavin
X 537 Sortman Talia
X 538 Tofil Allie
539 Tracy Annabel
540 Weiler Ben
X 541 Wenner Jake
X 550 Leonidas Gianna not registered
X 551 Leonidas Marco not registered
X 552 Ronkin Will not registered
X 553 Howurb Britt not registered
X 554 Colloy Gengias not registered
X 555 Ankas Caroline not registered
X 556 Sweeney Maddy not registered
X 557 Sweeney Paige not registered
X 558 Arnold Gwen not registered
X 559 Wenner Cole not registered

How to become a West Hartford NON USSF Recreational Referee

How to become a West Hartford NON USSF Recreational Referee

WHGSL & WHYSA uses NON-USSF certified referees to officiate recreational games in the fall and spring season. If any of you are interested in becoming a NON-USSF referee and would like an opportunity to referee our WH recreational games, please take the time to register on our website.  Referee need to be 12yrs old to begin officiating.  

Registration can be found on the left side of this page

Sign-up for Recreational games:
An email blast will be sent to all referees listed in our database. This email will invite everyone listed in our database to come to our in-house recreational referee game assignment. We will have all games posted for anyone to select which games they want to officiate. This meeting will consist of both Co-Ed and girls WH Rec soccer games to pick from. There will be one meeting in April for the spring season and another meeting scheduled in Aug for fall the recreational season. Please look for the email blast from the club or tune here on our website for the most updated information.

Mario Gilardini
Supervisor of Refereeing
home: 860 561-0885

Two-man referee system:

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do we ever referee using the two-man system like it is done in high school! WH soccer follows FIFA official rules and NOT HS officiating rules. Our club will not pay for two CR for the same game. If you ever short a referee, ask the coaches to find a parent volunteer to run the line for you - be a club linesman as long as both coaches agree. That volunteer is to only let you know when the ball goes to play and you make the call for the direction. If by chance you are the only referee at the field, you now become the center referee and follow the process of asking coaches to find you, two volunteer parents, to do the line for you. CJSA, CSRP and both WH clubs all forbid the two-man referee system in West Hartford!! If an incident were to ever happen; WH soccer, CJSA, and CSRP will never support an official in any capacity.

New game duration for WHYSA Recreational games: click here

New game duration for WHGSL Recreational games: click here

FIFA Laws of the Game:

Recreational Soccer

Referee WHYSA Recreational Assignor:
WHYSA Co-ed Referee Coordinator for Mites, Junior and Senior
Mario Gilardini

Referee WHGSL Recreational Assignor
WHGSL Girls Referee Coordinator for Mites, Junior and Senior
Mario Gilardini

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

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