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WHYSA Senior Division

Senior Division

WHYSA Senior Division for boys and girls ages 12, 13, & 14 (by December 31st)

If interested in becoming a volunteer coach, please contact:  [email protected]


One of the philosophies of the Senior Division can be summed up by saying that our goal is to have coaches refrain from coaching from the sideline, but for quite different reasons from those presented for the Junior Division. In the Senior Division we wish to encourage on-field analysis of opponents' strengths and weaknesses and for players to make adjustments themselves. Emphasis should be on teaching, creativity, analysis of play, mobility off the ball, and various strategies to use for differing situations. This is a difficult concept to implement but if we seek it as a goal, the overall result will be quite positive for the players in that it should create better soccer players who enjoy the game more. Coaches should not ignore basic skills during practices since it is certain that some players will enter the Senior Division lacking skill development in some areas. It is suggested that the coach use players to instruct basic skills to those deficient in them and that captains be utilized to run the calisthenics and warm-up exercises.

The Senior Division is open to children aged 12, 13 or 14 by December 31st and games are 11 v 11 on a full-sized field.

What does U- refer to? Please note: Recreational soccer divides children by calendar year of birth. This differs from Travel Soccer, which divides children by year from August 1st. In Recreational Soccer, "U" refers to "under" but it means children in that category may be turning that age by the end of the year (for example, U-14 means kids fourteen by December 31st and under.)


The rules and regulations for player assignment are set up to assure an equitable distribution of players for each league. These rules are covered under Article XI ¬ Section 10 of the By-laws, but we have expanded on the Senior Division draft below because it is not a simple procedure. It has been found through experience that the most equitable means of distributing players to the Senior Division is through the use of a Draft. The draft is conducted in late July after the close of registration each year. The draft order is determined by the number of returning players and operates on a rotational basis in accordance with the By-laws. Other rules apply to the draft for the express purpose of avoiding unfair selection of players. The only reason allowed for pre-assignment of players is that the father assuming a head coach position or the player has a brother on an existing Senior Division team. For assistant coach positions, the fundamental rule is that the father must follow the assignment of the player. Coaches may not pre-select assistant coaches. However, in the event that such a situation occurs it must be with the consent of all coaches in the Division as stated in the By-laws.

The evaluation forms for previous year juniors are collected, duplicated, and forwarded to each Senior Division coach by early Summer for use in the player draft. The rating forms are also accompanied by a list of registered players. The Senior Division Supervisor of the players from the previous year who have registered alerts each team's coach in late June. This gives the coach a chance to remind unregistered players that they must register prior to the draft if they intend to play. Players not registered by the time of the draft are not guaranteed a spot in the league. However, preference will be given to a child's previous team in the event of late registration so as to avoid the issue of using late registration as a means of switching teams.

Fall Season

Team Size
Team size averages 14-18 players per team. There are usually 8 - 10 teams depending on number of registered players.

The Game
Senior Division plays 11v11 on full fields. Each quarter is 15 minutes.

Time Commitment
There are generally 2 practices per week for 1-1.5 hours. There is one or two games per weekend. Senior Division Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays at King Phillip Fields.

The Season
The soccer season is 8-9 weeks long.

Practices usually begin during the last week of August and the Championship game is in the first week of November.

Equipment Needed
Size 5 soccer ball, shin guards, cleats, water bottle

Spring Season - Pick-up League

The Spring season for the Junior and Senior Division is set-up as a "pick-up league." There are many other sports competing for time during the spring, so there is not a formal league set-up with teams and practices. Games will be on Friday evenings. All registered players may either show up or not, depending upon their schedule. The coordinator and volunteer coaches will then split up the available players into even teams (the number of teams/games will be determined by the number of players in attendance), conduct a short warm-up and proceed to play a four quarter game with breaks between quarters.

Team Size
Team size will be 7-9 per team for juniors and 10-12 per team for seniors.

The Game
Junior Division plays on half sized fields. Senior Division plays on full sized fields. Each quarter is approximately 15 minutes.

Time Commitment
There is no set time commitment. The league registration fee is a reduced one, allowing for players to miss weeks if they have conflicts.

The Season
The soccer season is 5-6 weeks long.

Equipment Needed
Shin guards, cleats, water bottle. Soccer balls, practice jerseys and other equipment will be provided.

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