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Recertification for 2022 is currently Open!!

Recertification will be complete 100% On-Line.
25 questions recertification test
There will be no in-class Recertification Clinics.
pass is an 80% or better

2021 Recertification is now open for all grassroots (previous grade 8 and grade 7) referees and all emeritus referees.  If you don't know what level referee you are, you are a grassroots referee!  Regional referee, instructors, assessor and assignor recertification will open soon. There have been a few major changes to recertification:

1. There is no charge for 2021 recertification for those referees that were certified for 2020.  However, once you register for recertification, we will have to approve your registration.  That approval should take place within 24 hours.  Your payment link will change from pending to completed once we approve your registration to allow you to move forward in the recertification process.  If you are not approved in 48 hours, please contact [email protected]

2. You must receive 100% on both quizzes to complete recertification, however you have unlimited opportunities to achieve 100%.  

3.  We have added a step at the end of recertification regarding game counts in 2020.  Those links will not move to complete, they stay as "not started."  As long as the link next to Successfully Completed 2021 Recertification moves to Congratulations, you are complete for 2021, on the list of registered referees and will receive a badge in the mail within two months.  

You can access a  link that gives you a quick overview of the recertification process followed by step by step instructions on the homepage of Scroll down to the box labeled Recertification then click on the blue link 2021 Recertification Information.

Please contact CTreferee directly with any questions.

Also, please have your clubs and leagues encourage age appropriate youth and their parents to become referees.  The 2021 certification process is open right through the end of March.  Many clubs had a shortage of referees in the fall.



If interested in refereeing WHYSA boys travel and/or WHGSL girls travel games, you must be a current USSF certified referee. All current information on how to become a certified referee. Visit our Become a USSF Referee page. Any questions about your referee status should go directly to the CSRP. Contact information is at the bottom of the become a USSF referee page.

2020-21 WH USSF Referees

All USSF referees are required to fill out a game report for each of your game assignments. In order to complete this, you need to log into CSRP's Central Assign website. Username and password are the as you use to log into the CSRP website.

Directions to how to fill out WHGSL girls travel game report on CSRP's Central Assign website: download instructions, click here.

Once you get your game assignment, each of you needs to accept it, if applicable. If you decline your game assignment, you need to let your referee assignor know at once.

CSRP is encouraging all referees to attend an in-service clinic before the spring season every year. As an added incentive, if you attend an in-service clinic before your recertification you will have fewer steps to the online recertification process. This does not take the place of recertification. The preferred recertification process is to attend one of these free in-service clinics. CSRP has many sessions posted on the event calendar: listed as Grade 8 In-service. To register for one of these sessions log into the e-referee system on the left-hand side of Once logged in you will scroll to the last box and click on register for a referee event. On the next page click on the down arrow for event type and then click on clinics and courses. Choose the course you for which you would like to register, click on the two releases of liability and then submit. All clinics to which you are registered with clinic detail are now posted to your login page. If you are not sure if your clinic registration has gone through, please check your registration page, the session will be listed in the box below your recertification. Any questions, please contact CSRP directly.

Two-man referee system:
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do we ever referee using the two-man system like it is done in high school! WH soccer follows FIFA official rules and NOT HS officiating rules. Our club will not pay for two CR for the same game. If you ever short a referee, ask the coaches to find a parent volunteer to run the line for you - be a club linesman as long as both coaches agree. That volunteer is to only let you know when the ball goes to play and you make the call for the direction. If by chance you are the only referee at the field, you now become the center referee and follow the process of asking coaches to find you, two volunteer parents, to do the line for you. CJSA, CSRP and both WH clubs all forbid the two-man referee system in West Hartford!! If an incident were to ever happen; WH soccer, CJSA, and CSRP will never support an official in any capacity.

CSRP website

CSRP's Central Assign website

download2018/19 Law of the Game

Boys/Girls Recreational Soccer Assignor:
Mario Gilardini - [email protected]
WHGSL & WHYSA Recreational - mites, junior, & senior

Boys/Girls Travel Soccer Assignors:

WHYSA Boys Travel Referee Assignor:
BU9 - U10 - League/Friendly/Cup games:
Ryan McKain - [email protected]

WHYSA Boys Travel Referee Assignor:
BU11 - U19 - League/Friendly/Cup games:
Dean Cordiano - [email protected]

WHGSL Girls Travel Referee Assignor:
GU9 - U19 - League/Friendly/Cup games:
Cheryl/Ed Espinal - [email protected]


New game duration for Boys/Girls Travel games

download a copy: click here

***recommend bringing copy with you to the field ***

new 7v7 game rule video: click here

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