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Practice Exercises

Practice Exercises

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U-6 Soccer Drills

Character Game
Two teams of equal numbers stand at either end of a 25 x 18 yard field of play. Give each player a Disney character name (make sure there's a matching character at the other end). Coach sends in a ball and calls out a Disney character and that character from each end goes onto the field and plays 1v1.
Progressions: Try calling out different characters (Goofy from one side and Mickey from the other side). Call multiple names from each side so there are a couple of 1v1 games happening at the same time."Sharks &

Minnows" or "Freeze Tag"
Again, mark of an area (20x20, or whatever makes sense for the number of kids) and have each kid with a ball (minnows). Then release a shark into the area (one of the kids without a ball). The sharks job is to get the other kids balls. I play for just a touch, can also have kick out of the area. Once a ball has been played, the dribbler (minnow) is frozen, have them take the ball over their head and put their legs apart. To be unfrozen (released), another player (minnow) needs to put a ball between their legs (usually dribbled). Switch the sharks every 30 seconds to a minute.
Red Light, Green Light
All the players start on a designated line with the coach about 15 yards away. With his back to the players the coach yells green light and the players try to dribble to the coach. When the coach yells red light he waits a moment and then turns his back to face the players. Anyone who is not stopped moving has to go back to where the person farthest away from the coach is.
Progressions: Add a ball. The coach can move around to make the game more challenging.
Cross the Bridge
Divide the players into two groups, one on each endline of a field. Mark the centerline with a flag on each sideline, this is the bridge. On the coaches command the teams switch places, dribbling across the bridge. Which team can switch places the fastest?
Progressions: Slide the cones towards the center of the field to make the bridge shorter. Add a bridge keeper to kick balls away.
A number of tall cones are distributed throughout the field. Two coaches are replacers. Each player has a ball. The players dribble around and try to knock down as many cones as they can, yelling "bingo" as they do so. The coaches stand the cones back up immediately. Who can get the most bingos?
Progressions: Must be three yards away to knock a cone over, use the laces to strike the ball.

Steal the Bacon
Set up a square and have one player stand at each corner. A supply of balls should be in the middle of the square. On the coaches command the players must run to the middle and grab balls with their hands and take them back to their corner. After all the balls are gone from the middle the players can take balls from other corners (no one can defend their own goal)
Progressions: Players must dribble the balls.

Have the players form two teams and face each other. Everyone on one of the teams needs a ball. Two coaches should pass the ball between the two teams. The players with the balls try to pass their ball (torpedo) to hit the ball the coaches are passing. If the player misses the person standing across from them collects the ball and tries to hit the coaches ball on the next pass.
Progressions: Kick with the laces, kick using a specific foot.
Simon Says
Have the players in a circle around the coach, each with a ball. Do fun Simon Says things to start like stand on one foot, hand on your head, hop, turn around, etc. Progress to dribble the ball, stop the ball, pull the ball back, hop step on top of the ball, etc
Pirate Ship
Swab the deck - kick side to side, left to right, right to left, etc.
Raise the flag - Right foot on top of ball, left, right, etc.
Pirate chase - You or a kid is "Bluebeard". Kids have to dribble their balls around a circle area.. When Bluebeard touches the ball, kids freeze, spread their legs, and can be unfrozen by any other unfrozen kid who kicks the ball thru their legs.
You can call it Dinosaur Island as well - play it with a "fast' dinosaur - fast dribbling, or slow dinosaur - slow dribbling.
Race Track
Using 8 cones, set up race track in a circle, four sets of 2 cones the kids have to "drive" through. Have the kids dribble around the track, call out "fast cars", "slow cars", "cars stop", "cars reverse". Kids need to make car sounds as they go around the track.
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Youth Soccer Coaching Manual, how to develop practice plans etc

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